Curriculum Development

IIT Gandhinagar endeavors to develop and integrate safety related courses into its graduate and undergraduate curriculum. Elective courses currently being offered are:

1. Introduction to Fire Engineering : Introduced in the UG curriculum from 2012, this course was developed by Prof. Jim Milke (Professor and Associate Chair, Dept. of Fire Protection Engineering, University of Maryland), Dr. Pravin Gandhi (Director, Corporate Research, Underwriters Laboratories, Chicago) and Dr. Chinmay Ghoroi (Asst. Professor, IITGN) and was taught by Dr. Chinmay Ghoroi and Dr. Gandhi.

2. Fundamentals of Chemical Process Safety : Introduced in the UG curriculum from 2013, this course was developed by Prof. Rajagopalan Srinivasan (Professor, IITGN), Prof. Sam Mannan (Director, MKO Process Safety Centre, Texas A&M University) and Dr. Chinmay Ghoroi (Asst. Professor, IITGN) and taught by Prof. Srinivasan and Dr. Chinmay Ghoroi. In addition to the fundamentals of Process Safety, students are familiarized with HAZOP analysis and Risk Assessment through their class project.

3. Structures Under Fire : Prof. Gaurav Srivastava from Civil Engineering has developed a course on structural design for fire. The course covers design considerations for individual members exposed to fire: structural members in tension, compression, bending; provisions in Eurocodes and IS codes to ensure fire safety; behavior of structural systems under fire; preventive/protective systems for structures.

The centre is exploring the potential of developing minor courses and certificate, graduate programs in industrial safety in the coming years.

SACHE Membership

IIT Gandhinagar has become a member of Safety and Chemical Engineering Education SACHE program of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE). This program provides teaching material and programs that bring elements of process safety into undergraduate and graduate student curriculum. This membership provides IITGN students access to a wide range of educational materials prepared by AIChE's Centre for Chemical Process Safety.

Field Trips

For a first-hand view of how the concepts covered in classes translate to industrial practice, students visited the Institute of Fire Safety and Disaster Management (IFSDM) in Vadodara and the Gujarat International Finance Tech (GIFT) city to observe the advanced Fire Safety systems for high-rise buildings.