IIT Gandhinagar - World Bank Project on Review of Seismic Codes IS:1893 (Part 1) and IS:13920

It has been about two years since the new editions of seismic codes IS 1893 Part 1 and IS 13920 have been published and are in use. Several new provisions have been introduced in these revisions. Through a World Bank sponsored project at IIT Gandhinagar, these codes have been reviewed carefully and suggestions made for further improvement. Also, a commentary has been provided highlighting the rationale of the appropriate clauses. Further, a set of explanatory examples related to both the codes have been developed to illustrate application of the codes. Professionals and academics interested in seismic design of buildings are welcome to review these documents at the draft stage and share feedback with us. Any feedback or comments received by May 20, 2019 will be duly considered and appropriate incorporated before submission of the final reports.