About the Event

The International Conference on Safety (ICS 2014) is Safety Centre's larger initiative as we endeavor to promote a culture of Safety in all sectors (Industry and Informal), spheres (Private and Public) and walks of Life (Academia and Research). The 2nd edition in the series- ICS 2014 will be an interdisciplinary conference that brings together researchers, educators, safety officials, engineers, safety advocates, policy makers and consultants to undertake a comprehensive analysis and explore solutions to pressing safety challenges in India and around the world.

The conference will explore all aspects of safety including:

  • Design and Operations
  • Regulations and Standards
  • Planning and Economics
  • Risk Management
  • Testing
  • Behavioral and Occupational Safety

and many more across various sectors such as:

  • Buildings & Structures
  • Process
  • Consumer
  • Fire
  • Industrial
  • Construction and Transportation
  • Informal sectors
and will also cover Hazards, Disaster Mitigation, Best Practices and Emerging Trends in Safety.

To commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Bhopal gas disaster, there will be a special focus on Process Safety.

  • ICS 2014 Brochure


    The Symposium on Process Safety (SPS 2014) organized alongside ICS will bring together national and international thought leaders in process safety and seek to answer the question "Have we really made progress since Bhopal?" Leading professionals and academics will deliver lectures on various topics related to safety in the oil & gas, chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries.

    A Specialized workshop on teaching Process Safety in the curriculum (PSE 2014) will also be conducted by Prof. Daniel A. Crowl (Professor in Chemical Engineering and Chemical Process Safety, Michigan Technological University) who authored several books on Chemical Process Safety including the most popular "Chemical Process Safety- Fundamentals with Applications" which is his best known works.

  • PSE 2014 Workshop Brochure

  • Short course on Design and Safety of Structures under fire (SUF 2014) is suitable for Safety professionals, Structural engineers, academics, policy makers and industrial safety consultants, students, research fellows and will cover various aspects related to design and analysis of RCC and steel structures subjected to fire.