Safety Centre@IIT Gandhinagar presents International Workshop on Fire Investigation (August 24, 2014) and International Workshop on Enclosure Fire Dynamics (August 25, 2014).

International Workshop on Fire Investigation will discuss the advances that have been made in Fire Investigation over the last decade or so. A professional fire scene investigation requires an intricate understanding of fire chemistry and enclosure fire dynamics which unfortunately many field investigators lack and consequently, A lot of the work is based on myths. For example, about the possible origin of the fire, myths about V-shaped soot patterns indicating origin of ignition which have no authoritative scientific backing. In recent years, increasing numbers of fire protection engineers and scientifically trained personnel with a better understanding of the behavior of fire have demonstrated an interest in fire investigation, and the literature is beginning to reflect the influence of this group. This workshop will present a brief overview of the scientific background of Fire Investigations (enclosure fires, flashovers, backdraft, smoke gas explosions, etc), discusses the wrong assumptions and myths about the place of fire origin, details on how an investigator preforms his work in collaboration with police and presents some recent literature and guidelines that have been published for Fire Investigators.

International Workshop on Enclosure Fire Dynamics will discuss detailed insights on the theoretical background of fire development in a room, or enclosure fire dynamics, and then show how engineering design calculations for Fire Safety Engineering of buildings are performed. Topics such as estimation of energy release rate of a fire and the design fire, estimation of flame heights and the mass flow rates in fire plumes, the pressure profiles which result from a fire in an enclosure, the flows in and out through openings, the temperature of the fire gases and the smoke filling process will be covered. Simple examples of calculations will be presented to illustrate the concepts. The workshop will also include A brief discussion on the use of computer programs for smoke filling calculations and demonstration of most used computer programs for fire simulations in buildings.

Workshop Content


  • A. Scientific Background of Fire Investigations
  • B. Assumptions/Myths about Origin of Fire
  • C. Fire Investigation
  • D. Literature and Guidelines for Fire Investigators


  • A. Qualitative description of Enclosure Fires
  • B. Energy Release Rates
  • C. Plumes and Flames
  • D. Pressure and Flows in Openings
  • E. Gas temperatures in Ventilated Enclosures
  • F. Heat Transfer in Enclosures
  • G. Smoke Filling
  • H. Computer Simulations
  • (Lectures are based on the textbook on Enclosure Fire Dynamics by Bjorn Karlsson and James Quintiere)

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Workshop Faculty

Dr. Karlsson
Director General
Iceland Construction Authority

Mr. Pratap Karguppikar
Chief Fire Officer (Retired)
Mumbai Fire Brigade

Prof. Chinmay Ghoroi
Assistant Professor
IIT Gandhinagar


IIT Gandhinagar will issue a certificate upon successful completion of workshop (s).

Who Should Attend

Fire Professionals, Insurance Professionals, Academics, Regulatory and Policy Makers, Industrial safety Consultants.

Registration Fees

    Rs 8,000/- per Workshop
    Rs 12,000/- for combined registration for both workshops
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The fees covers:
1. Attendance to all sessions.
2. Meals and Tea Breaks.
3. Course Material (Powerpoint slides of all lectures, detailed notes for calculations with examples, a compendium of collection of equations, tables and diagrams and information on downloading and using computer programs for fire simulations)

The fee doesn't cover accommodation.