Safety-Related Courses

To educate is the key to develop the resilience building in the field of safety. Therefore, IIT Gandhinagar runs courses reaching out to everyone to grasp something and have a cross-learning platform together. The short course along with the semester-long courses are held. the short courses are open for all whereas the semester courses are for the students.

Short Courses

Semester-Long Courses

IIT Gandhinagar endeavours to develop and integrate safety-related courses into its graduate and undergraduate curriculum. Elective courses currently being offered are:

SACHE Membership

IIT Gandhinagar has become a member of the Safety and Chemical Engineering Education SACHE program of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE). This program provides teaching material and programs that bring elements of process safety into undergraduate and graduate student curriculum. This membership provides IITGN students access to a wide range of educational materials prepared by AIChE’s Centre for Chemical Process Safety.

Summer-Winter Internship

The students are provided with a wide range of options to choose if wished to persuade any research in the field of safety.

The Centre has inaugurated the Sir William Henry Merrill Fire Engineering Laboratory in collaboration with UL. The laboratory is set up to take a vigorous study in the broad perspective on fire.

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