IIT-Gandhinagar-Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Collaborative Initiatives

Underwriters Laboratories, a not-for-profit product safety testing and certification organization is associated with IITGn since 2009 and is a major supporter of the Safety Centre. Through a five-year grant, UL supports safety-related education and research by funding the work on major engineering challenges which have birthed several research labs on campus.

Sponsored Research Project and Consultancy

Development of smart, environment-friendly, and low-cost fire detection and suppression system.

Principal Investigator : Dr. Chinmay Ghoroi (under Uchatar Aviskar Yojona)

Glass Facade Building Fire behavior in full scale Building.

Principal Investigator : Dr. Gaurav Srivastava

High temperature hydrogen combustion phenomena in air – steam system.

Principal Investigator : Dr. Chinmay Ghoroi

Identification of an Optimal Disinfectant for the Preservation of RO Purified Water for “Sarvjal” Piramal Waters Private Limited.

Principal Investigator : Prof Sharad Gupta, Biological Engineering.