Safety centre undertakes a vigorous program of safety research, consultation and project implementation in the formal and informal sector. Several research projects at PhD and Master’s level have been undertaken by Faculty, including the study of human factors in process control and alarm management directed towards preventing accidents in chemical plants and design of inherently safe chemical plants. A number of undergraduate projects have also been initiated including the development of an Indian Fire incident Database and development of an Android App for fire reporting.

Other Research Projects

Performance of glass-ACP façade system in a full-scale real fire test in a G+2 structure


Effect of fire on in-plane and out-of-plane behaviour of reinforced concrete frames with and without masonry infills (Funded by IIT Gandhinagar)

Eye tracking operator training to
evaluate operators’ expertise in the process plant

Physio-chemical characterization of
cement mortar at high temperature


Esoscale modelling of concrete at elevated temperature


Topology optimization of steel girders subjected to thermal and mechanical loads

Safety, performance and reliability of roof-top solar photovoltaic systems


Experimental Evaluation of Dynamic Characteristics