Workshop on Design, Installation, and Inspection of Perimeter & Through Penetration Firestops

The objective of Centre for Safety Engineering at IITGN is to work for making a safer world through education & research. The Centre offers solutions to issues that are of country’s interest. The main focus is to develop and promote safe built environment in both public and private spaces.

In the recent past there have been a series of fires involving facade materials which has resulted in deaths of the occupants. Added to the facade issues the failure of Fire Stops have added to the serious vertical spread disrupting the business continuity in many past fires.

The one-day event is to educate and discuss on the issue of fire spread in a building. Additionally, a live full-scale experiment would help participants understand the importance of quality fire stop materials and their effectiveness on proper installation with best engineering practices Eminent speakers will speak and interact with the participants on how the combination of various building elements help in mitigating fires.

The workshop is scheduled on 27 August 2022. We invite AHJs, regulatory authorities, building inspection officials to attend the workshop and cascade best practices learnt on the Built Environment sector.